Advanced Metal Turning's Conrod Division is recognized for machining Conrods proven in the Australian Motor Sports arena.

AMT's Conrods are custom made, and can therefore be machined to suit any engine in any length.


Features of our Conrods include:

  • Lightened rod weight (usually reducing weight to 2/3rds of the original part)
  • High-strength material construction (2 x stronger than 4340)
  • Full floating quality aluminium bronze bushing
  • Bushing sizes finished on Sunnen honing equipment
  • Latest ARP fasteners
  • Billet construction
  • Rated to safely run at 9000RPM
  • Rated to safely run at 700HP
  • Designed to withstand high turbo boost, nitrous & supercharging
  • I Beam construction
  • Fully CNC machined
  • Weights to within 1 gram per set
  • Designed on one CNC 3D CAD
  • Special doweled cap for extra strength
  • Treated for extra tough and smooth surface finish
  • Made in Australia by Australian tradesmen.

All of AMT's Conrods are ROAD & RACE PROVEN.




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